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We publish no-nonsense travel guides for independent shy male travelers. Our books are written by shy travelers for other shy travelers. Our books are field-proven, practical, and chock-full of ready-to-use money-saving and face-saving tidbits. Our books never try to cram into you useless or irrelevant information. You are taking a vacation, not a school exam. If you are interested in the history of your destination country or want to know more about the country, visit the web sites listed in our books. We focus on nothing but travel information. Everything else is optional reading.

We also don't bulk up our books with long lists of everything. For example, our books don't have a mindless number of hotels and restaurants. We only focus on affordable places where you can actually go.

Nor do we have a long list of what to do. Museum tours are not for everybody. Historical sites do not interest everybody. We focus on what is interesting to single guys. That does not mean we neglect to tell you about the major tourist attractions. We simply don't cover blindly every corner of a place for the sake of page numbers.

Our books also don't have professionally-taken retouched photos that are meant to be just the showcase. Do you honestly think you will be the only person on the spotless sandy beach? Do you actually expect to see smiling local people welcoming you? Our photos are not baits. Our photos are there to guide you or help you see what the place looks like. Our photos show exactly what you will see when you go there. A photo is worth a thousand words but only if the photo is right. All our photos are right.

Our mission is simple and straightforward: we want to help you enjoy your travel. To us, your pleasure comes first. We are not here to change your personality. We are not here to educate you. Nor are we here to win awards. We simply want to help you have a great time visiting new places. We are not perfect but we always strive to be the best in the field. Try us!

You Are Not Alone

“Shy folks, Unite! and, Don't Feel So Woebegone” by Garrison Keillor

Sometimes I feel that maybe we shy persons have borne our terrible burden for far too long now. Labeled by society as “wimps,” “dorks,” “creeps,” and “sissies,” stereotyped as Milquetoasts and Walter Mittys, and tagged as potential psychopaths (“He kept pretty much to himself,” every psychopath’s landlady is quoted as saying after the arrest, and for weeks thereafter every shy person is treated like a leper), we shys are desperately misunderstood on every hand. Because we don't “talk out” our feelings, it is assumed that we haven’t any. It is assumed that we never exclaim, retort or cry out, though naturally we do on occasions when it seems called for.

Would anyone dare to say to a woman or a Third World person, “Oh, don’t be a woman! Oh, don't be so Third!” And yet people make bold with us whenever they please and put an arm around us and tell us not to be shy.

Hundreds of thousands of our shy brothers and sisters (and “cousins twice-removed,” as militant shys refer to each other) are victimized every year by self-help programs that promise to “cure” shyness through hand-buzzer treatments, shout training, spicy diets, silence-aversion therapy and every other gimmick in the book. Many of them claim to have “overcome” their shyness, but the sad fact is they are afraid to say otherwise.

To us in the shy movement, however, shyness is not a disability or disease to be “overcome.” It is simply the way we are. And in our own quiet way, we are secretly proud of it.

It isn’t something we shout about at public rallies and marches. It is Shy Pride. And while we don’t have a Shy Pride Week, we do have many private moments when we keep our thoughts to ourselves, such as “Shy is nice,” “Walk short,” “Be proud--shut up,” and “Shy is beautiful, for the most part.” These are some that I thought up myself. Perhaps other shy persons have some of their own, I don’t know.

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