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Bangkok for Shy Guys

Bangkok is one of the top travel destinations in the world, attracting hordes of international tourists. Find out why so many people are flocking to the city of angels. Who knows? You may find an angel here.

…Bangkok can seem like a labyrinth to new arrivals in the city. The sprawling expressways and overpasses, huge new Skytrain and crowded streets full of vendors give the place a distinct Blade Runner-esque feel…it will not take long for you to be seduced by the glorious chaos and charm of the City of Angels…

Be careful. Bangkok can be seductive. Some guys came here for vacation but they never left. You may meet some of them. Go behind the tourist path.

…Bangkok feels warm and relaxed, vivid without the dysfunctionality of many cities its size. I've come from a dead-end city to one of endless streets, from a backwater to the open ocean, a sleepy provincial capital to an insomniac city. I couldn't be more pleased…

Bangkok is one of the major hubs for many international airlines. So it is easy to find tickets at bargain prices. If you ever get tired of Bangkok, Pattaya is only 2 hours away by car. Chiang Mai, Phuket, and many other interesting destinations can be reached within a day by car, bus, or train.

Exclusive No-Nonsense Valuable Features of the Book

Save Money and Headaches

This book is packed with practical tips that will save you money and headaches. The wrong ride from the airport to your hotel could cost you dearly. You may also need to pay for the toll roads. This book will help you save money from day one. One major headache-saving tip is to avoid tuk-tuk drivers and cabbies if possible. This book shows you how to ride trains and boats. Another money-saving tip is to find the free booklets for tourists. They are updated regularly and contain interesting and useful information including tourist maps. This book tells you where to find them. No need for you to spend any more money on guidebooks. These tips alone will save you more than $20, which is more than what you pay for this book.

Major Tourist Attractions Plus More

Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Golden Mount, Dusit Palace, Marble Temple, Jim Thompson House, and Chinatown. This book focuses on the information you can't find on the internet. This book also covers Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Benjasiri Park, Lumphini Park, National Gallery, Flower Market, Floating Market, Six Shrines, and more. Once again, Google and Yahoo can't give you the same information. This book is not an edited version of what can be found on the internet. You truly get more bang for your buck!

Shop Till You Drop Or Just Do Window-shopping

Chatuchak Weekend Market, Gaysorn, Amarin, Erawan, Central World, Emporium, Esplanade, MBK, River City, Siam Center, Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery, and more. You don't come here just for shopping. Find out what else you can do here.

Annual Events and Unconventional Activities

Supersize your itinerary or do something different. Bangkok holds many annual events and offers many activities at affordable prices: International Movie Festivals, Music & Dance Festivals, International Auto Show, a guided bicycle ride at night, a Thai boxing lesson, a flight lesson, an indoor golf lesson, a shooting range, and a medical checkup, to name a few. Find out what's going on in Bangkok in the comfort of your own home and time your trip to coincide with the events.

Hotels and Guesthouses for Real People

This book doesn't waste pages glorifying the 5-star hotels. Instead, it focuses on reasonably-priced hotels and guesthouses in Khaosan and Nana, two very popular and convenient areas for visitors. You wouldn't want to stay in some hidden or suburban area in part because it would be difficult for you to get around. Never rely on the airport cabbies for hotel recommendation. Even if you told them to find a hotel in Nana, you would never know where you eventually end up. By the way, this book doesn't totally ignore expensive hotels. You'll be provided with their web sites. You can get tons of information on all the major hotels in Bangkok by searching the internet. You shouldn't pay for the information.

Shy guy-friendly Restaurants

They are reasonably priced, conveniently located, and offer a variety of cuisines from Asian to Western. Don't ever think that because you are in Bangkok you have to eat Thai food every day. If you don't like rice, don't eat rice. You'll find what you like: American steak, Spanish tapas, German sausages, Mexican tacos, Italian pasta, English fish and chips, and vegetarian dishes. If you enjoy tasting different food, street food is also widely available. Some restaurants are open 24 hours. You would never go hungry or miss your home meals.

Health Massage or Body Massage?

Try both. They both are good for you. This book tells you what to expect when you go there, so you'll know if you got a good service or not. This book includes the spas and massage parlors tuk-tuk drivers don't want you to go to. Don't worry. You don't need them. This book shows you how to get to those places without them. This book also shows you where to go for the genuine spa treatments or traditional Thai massages.

Uncensored Inside Information on Nightlife

Bangkok's nightlife is revealed without reservation, and more importantly, without exaggeration. We won't trick you into buying this book with false claims and misinformation. You may find some information in this book incredible but everthing you see here truly exists. This book shows you where to find them and how to get there. This book also includes some information for gay guys as well.

Scams and Rip-offs

Bangkok also attracts a variety of shady characters, both domestic and foreign. You need to be aware of some of their popular tricks. Some of them are so good that they would charm the pants off you. Some unlucky visitor lost all his money on his first day. Don't think that all the bad guys are local. Some foreigners prey on other foreigners.

Watch Your Money

This book quotes prices in both Thai baht and US dollars in order to help you understand the relative values of various items. For example, a small bottle of Singha beer is 55 baht ($1.80). Although currency exchange rates fluctuate, these dual prices will help you budget for your trip.

Written For International Shy Guys

This book uses both metric and English units when weights, distances, and temperature are mentioned.

Over 200 Full-color Photos and Illustrations for Practical Purpose

What you see here is what you'll see in Bangkok. The photos here are not for their beauty but to guide you visually. How many times have you been duped by beautiful photos in travel magazines and other guidebooks? Get the true pictures of Bangkok, not the artificial ones.

Over 100 Web Sites for Latest and More Detailed Information

These web sites will save you countless hours of your search time. Many of the sites were collected in Bangkok. Get up-to-date information or get in touch with them for more information. The web links in the PDF file are live. All you need to do is click on the links. Then, Adobe Acrobat will open the web site with your permission. However, the Amazon Kindle edition does not have the hyperlinks because of its limited document formats.

Practical Information with Entertaining Stories Only

No mindless lists of historical facts, statistical data, and other irrelevant information. Do you really need the complete list of swanky hotels and restaurants in Bangkok? What about the addresses of the foreign embassies in Bangkok? U.N. economic data on Thailand? This book focuses on what matters most to you, how to enjoy Bangkok, without overloading you with data.

Print the Pages You Need Anytime

The book size is the same as the US Letter size, so you can print on either US Letter size paper or International A4 paper. Print the pages you need before you head out for the airport.

Free Access to Bangkok Photo Album

The online photo album has more photos than the book. The photos have relevant page numbers and linked to Google Map, so you know what you are looking at and where they are located.

“I have to say, however, I loved both your Bangkok and Phnom Penh for Shy Guys.” S.

“Thanks for your help - I'm giving this to my Parents for their first trip overseas...” T.

“I have been to Bangkok many times and I am always looking forward to learning something new and I am told that your publication will be of help. I wish you much continued success.” G.

This book is so practical you'll recoup the cost of the book many times over. But what's more important than your money? It's your peace of mind. This book will also save you headaches and hassle. For example, where would you go from the airport? Good luck talking with the driver in English. This book has the scanned images of hotel cards, which you show your driver. The hotels are in Nana and Khaosan. Print the pages and show them to your driver at the airport. It is hassle-free and foolproof.

Do you need to go to the central pier from Nana in a hurry before the pier closes? Forget the cab and the train. Get a ride on this. It can move through the notorious Bangkok traffic, even when cars and tuk-tuks are standing still. The ride can be spine-chilling but it will get you there in time.

This book is a field-tested how-to book, not another feel-good travel book. It doesn't belong on the coffee table. It doesn't have professionally-taken beautiful photos of the things that you may not see in Bangkok. Instead, this book has real photos of the things that you will see or need to see. The photos may not be color-balanced or properly framed but they will guide you visually or help you find your ways.

Get this no nonsense kick-butt guidebook written by your fellow independent shy traveler exclusively for you. It is like no other travel book in the world.

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