For Shy Guys

Krabi for Shy Guys

If you love beaches, Krabi should be on your list. Unlike some beach resorts, Krabi is shy guy friendly. You may even witness independent female travelers. Some of them are friendly. If they can be there alone, so can you.

The prices may not be rock bottom but they are reasonable, considering that Krabi is a popular beach resort. Even during the peak season, you can find a room for less than $50 a night, not in the middle of nowhere but in the most popular area of Krabi.

Coming here, too, isn't so expensive. One-way airfare from Chiang Mai or Bangkok can be lower than $100. The Krabi airport is international, so some neighboring countries such as Singapore can come directly. To save more money, you can also come by bus. Krabi is not an island, so all the modes of transportation are available to you.

Clean Beaches, Beautiful Beaches, and Quiet Beaches

Krabi is full of beaches and islands. You would run out of your vacation time before running out of beaches. You also don't need to sacrifice modern amenities to enjoy the beaches. Nor do you need to wake up at dawn to go to the beaches.

From Elephant Ride To Rock Climbing

Taking a nap on the beach is one of many options. Krabi is well-known for rock climbing as well. If you rather stay close to the ground, however, watching others climbing rock cliffs, which can be entertaining, is another option you have.

Just because you are in Krabi doesn't mean you can't enjoy another beach resort. Phuket, more famous beach town, is one boat ride away. It is possible to hit two world-famous beach resorts in a week.

Of course, you can always be a beach bum all day every day without going anywhere. Get a Starbucks coffee or have the McDonald's breakfast and hit the beach. The choice is yours.

Explore, Eat, and Relax

Feel free to be lazy. Just explore the nearby area at your leisure. Who says you should visit all thousand islands? You are in charge, you do whatever tickles your fancy.

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