For Shy Guys

Pattaya for Shy Guys

Pattaya is a beach resort, about 2 hours by car from Bangkok. However, you don't need to go to Bangkok first to come to Pattaya. You can make the decision at the Bangkok airport (Suvarnabhuml Airport). Head west from the airport for Bangkok or head south for Pattaya.

…Sometimes I think to myself something bad has to happen because life in Pattaya is so good, surely I am living some kind of dream? But that is not the case; Pattaya offers us foreigners a fantastic life and it’s a reality…

Because Pattaya is not an island, you can still enjoy all the modern amenities at competitive prices. Pattaya is mini-Bangkok with beaches.

…Pattaya is popular not only as a beach resort and for its entertainment, nightlife and shopping, but also for the broad selection of recreational activities it caters for, from golf and horseback riding to bungee jumping, karting and shooting, not to mention a wide variety of water sports…

Add Pattaya to your Bangkok trip. Stay for two or three days.

Exclusive No-Nonsense Valuable Features of the Book

Budget Hotels for Budget-minded Shy Guys

If you can afford to spend a few hundred dollars a night, go straight to Hilton. If you'd rather spend the money on something else, look at our selection first. This book even has the scanned images of their business cards. You simply show them to your driver at the airport.

Shy Guy-Friendly Restaurants

Eat what you want to eat, not whatever you can get. Thanks to another sparkling food court in the middle of Pattaya City, your menu has expanded greatly. Want to try Thai snacks? There is a place where you can taste a variety of authentic Thai snacks. Although you need to travel a bit, the place may be worth your time. With this book, you'd have no reason to be hungry.

From Songtaew to Rentals

Learn how to ride the most popular transportation in Pattaya. If you want some thrill of a ride, try a motorcycle taxi. If you are a good motorcycle driver, rent a motorbike. Although you could reach everything you need on foot, it's always good to know what is available.

Major Tourist Attractions

Check out some of the tourist attractions. Not everything will be interesting, but you should at least see some of them.

Stroll Along the Beach

Take a slow walk on the path lined with palm trees anytime. There are so many things to watch. Or just lie down on a beach chair for all day.

White Sandy Beaches

Don't think that all Pattaya's beaches are dirty and polluted. This book shows you where the white sandy beaches are and how to get there.


You don't need the detailed descriptions. You just need to experience it first-hand. Walking Street is simply one of several entertainment areas. Actually, the guys who know about Pattaya usually hang out in other areas.

Uncensored and Unfiltered Information

Whatever was and whatever happened in Pattaya are in the book. No embellished or sugar-coated stories either.

Our Own Maps

Nothing fancy but straightforward maps that you can actually use.

Web Sites

Get up-to-date information direct from the source. However, the Amazon Kindle edition does not have the hyperlinks because of its limited document formats.

Online Photo Album

We couldn't include all the photos in the book. Refer to our online photo album for a closer look at Pattaya.

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