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Some foreginers have been arrested and put in prison for long terms. When you are in Cambodia, stay away from young people, especially children, and don't ever be alone with them. You may be accused of being a pedophile. Many foreigner-frequented places are trained to call the police or some NGO when they see foreigners with young people. Even when you are outside, you may be followed by some individuals, some of whom have cameras. Some young people are used to trap foreginers as well. They hang out at popular tourist places and try to play with you. They may even ask you if they can come into your room.

Don't let your guard down even when the person says he or she is over the legal age. In Cambodia, it is very easy to manipulate their ages. One French man was found guilty after sleeping with a bar girl he had met at one of the popular nightclubs. Although prostitution is readily available, it is illegal.

Keep in mind that Cambodia is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Don't expect any competent investigation or fair legal system. Cambodia is also one of the poorest countries in the world. The combination of corruption and poverty makes Cambodia a dangerous destination for some travelers. Check out the parking lot of the municipal court in Phnom Penh. The judges and prosecutors are supposed to be making a few hundred dollars a month but some of them drive the Toyota Land Cruiser. In the US, even old models cost more than $50,000.

Your embassy is no help. When you are in Cambodia, you are subject to Cambodian laws, which are totally meaningless in the hands of corrupt officials. Once you are charged with any sex crime, especially against poor children, nobody would come help you. Be very careful!

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