For Shy Guys


  • Gimpo Airport (GMP) is a lot closer to Seoul: it is about 20 minutes away from Seoul by the airport train, while Incheon Airport (ICN) is about 1 hour away. Incheon Airport, however, offers the non-stop express train service that goes straight to the Seoul train station. Gimpo Airport, on the other hand, offers close access to the local trains, both Line 5 and Line 9.
  • Two major national holidays are Lunar New Year and Chuseok, three days long each. Take those holidays into consideration when planning to visit Korea. You wouldn't want to take a vacation in Korea when Koreans take vacations.
  • Some hotels are in the tax refund program. In other words, the tax you paid at the hotel is returned to you when you leave Korea. Make sure you receive the valid paper when checking out. You take the paper to the tax refund office at the airport for refund. This program is subject to change, so get the latest info from your hotel.

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