For Shy Guys
Bangkok is one of the best destinations for shy guys. The city is relatively safe with vibrant night life and there are many friendly people. But you still need to know where to go and what to do, otherwise you can be stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do. Two popular locations for lodging are Nana and Khaosan. The dry season is from November to February. That's when the average temperature is 25°C or 78°F with almost no rain.
Ratchaprasong is a major shopping and business district. The booklet below has brief information on the district along with a simple map. In the district, there are six shrines. Some locals believe that if you pray at all six, Lady Luck will knock on your door. Our Bangkok book also shows you how to find all the six shrines. One particular shrine is hidden above the ground. Good luck!

Ratchaprasong (Adobe PDF, 5.5MB) Six Shrines (Adobe PDF, 6.2MB)

Please check out our photo album as well. There are over 150 real photos showing you the true Bangkok. No artificial settings, no beauty make-up, and no superficial subjects.

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